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CCTV Systems can be as simple as one camera and one monitor right the way through to the more complex multi CCTV systems with PTZ camera (pan, tilt and zoom) with digital recording and remote cctv monitoring. No matter what the application, our highly trained staff can advise you on the most cost effective cctv system for your home or business & vehicle.

Many Digital Video Recorders come with the ability to be conected to a network or the internet allowing live remote viewing from a PC  with the appropriate software installed. Really sophisticated DVRs have built-in webservers allowing the video footage to be viewed live from most PC`s or mobile phones in the world via the internet.




All types installed from domestic mains type to commercial installations. Colour, Black & White, night vision, Multiplexers, Recorders Digital Analogue, Covert Cameras, Multi Cameras, CCTV Colour Monitors DVR or Computer based systems remote monitoring via the internet or mobile device.



CCTV is not just for crime prevention but also for many other uses besides. For example: monitoring the elderly, the disabled, observing farm animals, foaling, domestic animals, bird-boxes, baby monitoring Home Cable has provided solutions for the above and much more.


Visual Remote Monitoring


Many of our DVR & Computer based systems have an advanced remote access facility built-in. All you need in order to use it is an existing broadband connection and router - there is no monthly subscription or ongoing cost. Using this feature you can fully control your system from any remote PC, Mobile Phone, Blackberry or PDA. To ensure that you never miss an event you can also program the system to email you when motion is detected. It’s the perfect security and surveillance solution for any home or business!


Poor Light? No Problem


We can supply a range of cameras employing Infra-red light (invisible to the human eye) that are capable of operating in very low light conditions and give perfect night vision over a 10m to 50m range. The infra-red light is produced by special LED’s clustered around the camera lens, for PTZ and very long ranges there are stand alone versions that can be mounted adjacent to a camera to facilitate night recording.


Access Control Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of access control solutions from single door stand- alone products to large scale PC ethernet-based systems integrated into your network. Our access systems can be installed with either key-pad, swipe-card or proximity readers to best suit your needs.

Entry Phones

For door entry phone solutions we are always conscious of striking the right balance between quality and value. We offer a full range of entry phone solutions which integrate with our other door control products; from a single audio call point and handset up to multiple doors with video phones, we are confident we have the right solution to meet your needs.



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